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8 Powerful Hemp Protein Benefits | Xplosive Ape No Whey

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The stats are in and hemp protein benefits are unbelievable. eXplosive ape has brought out a “no Whey” vegan protein.

Hemp is fast becoming one of the most nutritious proteins on the market today.

With a nutrient profile more powerful than whey, all 20 amino acids and easy to digest. 

You’ll definitely want to bin your whey protein powder for GOOD! 

After all, what do Gorillas eat? 

I’d struggled with toxic gas for years until one day I discovered the new king of the proteins. 

I’d clear a room after 3 whey shakes per day. My ass would be burning and I’d stink the gym out.

As a result, my workouts suffered. I’d feel bloated, lethargic and constantly at the toilet.

And when I found out whey protein was a product of dead cheese that was the deal-breaker. 

See, your body needs fuel to perform, not a waste product that gets fed to pigs. Yes, true story.

So if you want to –

Ramp up your performance  

Lift bone-crushing weights


Build a tough as nails physique.

You need to know about xplosive ape’s hemp protein benefits

1. Relief from poor skin conditions.

With its Rich Source Of Healthy fats, Hemp protein is jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids. I’ve seen so many bodybuilders with poor skin and it looks crap when you’ve got your top off. It’s a solid reason to ditch whey and stick with plant-based diet foods.

2. Improve digestion.

Whey protein is loaded with lactose. Even a small amount of lactose can wreck your gut, cause discomfort and impact the most important of training sessions. Hemp protein contains all-natural soluble and insoluble fiber that helps increase the good bacteria in your gut.

3. Protect your immune system.

Xplosive apes no whey gives your body a serious boost of nutritious minerals after a workout. Hemp protein contains globulin proteins. Globulin contains antibodies to fight viruses, bugs, and fungi. If globulin protein is too low, you may not be able to fight off these illnesses. Your training will suffer.

4. Builds lean muscle

Hemp protein contains the complete spectrum of 9 essential amino acids. Our body cannot produce these, therefore it is considered the building blocks of building new muscle proteins. This is the power of the quality of plant based diet foods. Read more about the insane power of HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN FOODS HERE.

5. Reduce Inflammation

Hemp protein benefits go wildly beyond performance. Hemp contains a unique Omega 6 fat called GLA that can potentially reduce chronic inflammation and lower symptoms in those with arthritis. 

6. Ramps up blood flow

Hemp protein is high in arginine. Arginine is a powerful neurotransmitter to relax blood vessels allowing surges of blood to be transported through your veins for that skin popping pump.

7. Renewable source of energy

Could hemp be the ultimate energy crop? Does Not need to be genetically modified, pest resistant, doesn’t require any pesticides. Hemps one of the easiest crops to grow and can survive drought and requires less energy to grow. It’s also high in protein ;).

8. Lower risk of heart disease.

If you didn’t know already, plants are king for health. CVD and a lot of cancers are diseases, resulting from overconsumption of saturated, trans fats and refined oils. Meat is carcinogenic. Hemp can reduce the levels of saturated fats and possibly decrease the CVD risk, causing plaque in your arteries. 

Hemp Protein Benefits Summary.

There you have it. The real king of the jungle is fuelled by plants. More and more elite level athletes are becoming aware of plant based diet proteins to fuel strength and performance. Hemp protein benefits are just one in a line of many, powerful plant based proteins.

If you haven’t made the switch to plant power…. It’s time you did by going here.

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