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Gorilla Freak Mens plant powered gym top

Muscle powered by plants | Built On Plants Gym T-Shirt

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No meat bro. I’m powered by plants.

“Seriously, I’ve transformed and become stronger after eliminating meat & fuelling with anabolic carbs”

This dude got his gainz powered by plants?

I didn’t believe him. But deep in the back of my mind there had to be some truth in this.

The guy was a BAMF vegan. His earth shaking physique slapped me right in the face.

I’d ate meat for years but always felt my testosterone would drop or not get enough protein if I switched to a plant based diet meal plan.  

Then I’d have to take a tonne of supplements for the nutrient deficiencies!

The thing is…

Don’t be fooled by unreliable old science. Without a doubt you can add lean muscle tissue when you’re powered by plants.

Firstly you have to understand the real secret:

Your hard working muscles run primarily on glycogen. 

Glycogen is stored carbohydrates in the body.

Let me show you the Top 5 anabolic high protein carbs for building muscle on a plant based diet:

  • Soybeans (29g protein)
  • Lentils (18g)
  • Chickpeas (12g)
  • Black beans. (15g)
  • Kidney beans (13g) * per 100g

In addition, these carbs produce energy fast. And contain a tonne of protein. More energy means you can go harder for longer.

For example, plant based diet meals will have you performing like a lamborghini. Where as a low carb keto diet will sacrifice athletic performance. You’ll perform like a rusty old Citroen.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sounds impressive right? Even more so when you see the look on peoples faces when they know your fuelled by plants.

Be different. Sport the Gorilla Freak built on plants gym t-shirt for:

  • Ultimate Comfort 
  • Fitting well across the chest & shoulders
  • Extreme durability
  • Gym tees that don’t lose shape like boring old cotton

The king of the jungle will always be the gorilla.

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Premium 100% cotton for ultra comfort.


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M – 38/40

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XL – 43/44

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1 review for Muscle powered by plants | Built On Plants Gym T-Shirt

  1. Shaun

    Good fit, turns heads in the gym. I love the feel of the material.

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