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Gorilla Freak Mens plant powered gym top
Vegan bodybuilder Plant powered gym top
Vegan bodybuilder Plant powered gym top

Vegan Bodybuilder Sports Style Gym Top

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Are you looking for vegan muscle gym tops that fit well across the chest and shoulders and extremely comfortable?

But still, holds up during your hardest workouts?

The strongest beasts in the world eat plants, If you eat meat you’re a chimp.

Gorilla Freaks No Chimps makes a strong statement. It’s innovative design sits well on the skin allowing for a muscle fit for the ripped vegan athlete …

Meat eaters will be looking twice that’s for sure.

If you’ve bought gym apparel in the past but it lost shape or cut into your armpits, that’s money down the drain, never to return.

What you’ll experience in a Gorilla Freak vegan muscle gym top:

  • Ultra comfort that doesn’t itch the skin.
  • Doesn’t wrinkle like meat eaters skin after the wash
  • Gorilla strong and stretchy.
  • Wicks sweat away from the body and dries quickly. 

A lot of competitors use Cotton on its own. The problem is it wrinkles easily and they use an open-ended fabric that itches the skin.

This cotton is tighter. A smoother yarn that gives more comfort.

But cotton on its own is not enough to give ultimate comfort.

We also add in polyester so the tees are strong like a gorilla and stretchy. Cotton can leave you clammy in hot temperatures but the polyester dries quickly and doesn’t absorb moisture.

Our final material is the vegan secret sauce!

This material gives the tees added durability and elasticity so it shapes to the body which makes it perfect for working out.

A Plant based diet for athletes is the real deal.

Are you ready to show meat-eaters in your gym that real beasts are vegan?


A blend of 3 unique materials consisting of 50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon makes this a staple tee shirt to have in your gym wardrobe.


S – 36/38

M – 38/40

L – 41/42

XL – 43/44

2XL – 45/47

3XL – 47/49


8 reviews for Vegan Bodybuilder Sports Style Gym Top

  1. Drew

    Top quality material and fit! Not for chimps! Gets me fired up to lift!

  2. George Caldwell

    Absolutely loving the quality of these products. The Tees are a great fit and wash really well. Great value for money and give a good statement in the gym. No messing about! Keep up the good work

  3. Simmy

    I bought a T.Shirt as I love the no nonsense slogans.
    It arrived quickly after ordering. I’m quite a muscley bloke and like my Tops to cling.
    This did so perfectly. Quality is great and even after several washes, it remains on great condition.

  4. Ben Key

    I have purchased a number of these T-Shirts and have not been disappointed! Unlike other’s that I have worn whilst training these ones have survived a beating whilst practicing Log Lifts & Super Yoke which usually leave my other Tees with holes in them! The fit is class and the material has a nice feel to it!! I would recommend these and any other Gorilla Freak product who wants the best quality at a decent price!!!

  5. David Wilkinson

    This T-shirt is certainly a top quality product, strong, durable, well fitted and reasonably priced.
    I also love what the Gorilla Freak brand stands for and that is why if you love to train and do it without f**king about, then Gorilla Freak clothing should be your go to brand.

  6. Paul Douglas

    I have paid a lot more for gym gear this quality and fit…. also the Jungle juice pre-workout is up there with the best for extreme focus and drive… stop being a pussy and get some …!! 👊🏼👊🏼

  7. Chris Mitchell

    Moisture-wicking top quality material. A perfect combination of functionality and style! Love the fit and love the slogans even more. Definitely recommend.

  8. Kris

    Genuinely find these t shirts the comfiest ones I’ve worn in the gym to date and after numerous sessions it hasn’t lost its shape, it’s colour, the logo, anything. Fantastic

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