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Gorilla Freak Mens plant powered gym top

Vegan Bodybuilding Gym Tee | Plant Power


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Discover the raw power of these 4 highly potent, Vegan bodybuilding foods to ramp up your sex stamina…

Join team boner or your girlfriend will leave you when you can’t get it up!

And strengthen that dong. 

It’s a game of blood flow brother, in the gym and out.

If you want to boost your “NO” production you need to listen in to what I’m about to tell you.

Nitric oxide (found in plant based diet foods) causes blood vessels to widen and stimulates the release key performance hormones in the body.

Consuming these 4 highly potent plant based foods will cause your vessels to expand. When the doors are open you’ll achieve raging blood flow. Critical for pleasing your girl and chasing insane pumps at the gym.

Shhh…Welcome to a new “untapped” world of science!

Open up the floodgates and stoke your inner fires:

  • Watermelon -A natural source of citrulline. This gold standard vasodilator increases Nitric Oxide levels in the blood to produce skin popping pumps.
  • Beet Juice – Boosts muscle cell volume by pulling water into the muscles to push the boundaries of any tight t-shirt.
  • Dark leafy greens – These plant based diet foods are Jam packed with Nitrates that ramps up all over blood flow.
  • Pomegranate – Used in various supplements to improve endothelial function. AKA the pump.

It’s time to Juice up your mojo and take your vegan bodybuilding goals to the next level.

And when you do…. You’ll need to show this tee off your plant power gym t-shirt to the meat eaters. Prove you can make all the gainz on plant based diet foods.

Hold my tofu bro!

When you buy a Gorilla Freak gym top expect:

  • Nike like quality without the $40 price tag.
  • A little tighter on the arms so they don’t flop about.
  • Not to be dressed like 90% of other guys.
  • Engineered for vegan bodybuilding beasts!

When your consuming high carb Plant based diet food and the blood is pumping, those juicy gainz deserve to be on full display.

What are you waiting for? Grab your 5 star quality gym top today!



A blend of 3 “macro” materials consisting of 50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon makes this the perfect split of comfort, shape and quality.


S – 36/38

M – 38/40

L – 41/42

XL – 43/44

2XL – 45/47

3XL – 47/49



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