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Gorilla Freak Mens plant powered gym top
Vegan bodybuilder Plant powered gym top

Vegan Fit Gym Stringer | Gorilla Freak


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The strong always protect the weak. No animals were harmed while making these gainz.

Are you vegan fit?

Truth be told. I was shocked when athletes were smashing it on plant based diet plans.

I used to be terrified about losing muscle gains. I’d slam down my amino acids at 6am then hit 40mins of cardio. 

Then a significant study changed my perspective completely. It uncovered, while training fasted, muscle breakdown was relatively high. Probably nothing new to you?

But what I didnt know was by adding amino acids even when insulin was low, even In a fasted state did not reduce muscle protein breakdown. Can you really get “Vegan fit, without silly amounts of protein”? 

The study went on to show that increasing insulin in the body did reduce muscle protein breakdown. 

And what increases insulin the most? Carbs baby. 

I thought I’d lose muscle on a vegan diet for the reason of not getting enough protein.

It was there in black and white.

Vegan athletes getting faster, leaner and stronger.

The addition of carbs seems to be anti catabolic. 

I sat there confused.

After watching a movie called dominion I asked myself a simple question. “ Is it possible to find another way to get my protein?”

“Could I improve my performance by removing meat?”

I wanted to become vegan fit and it was time to add muscle building, plant based diet plans into my routine.

The result?

Finally I’d added 7.5kg to my bench. A new PB on my deadlift after leaving the Military. 

If you’re eating the correct plant based diet plan, you’ll have meat eaters crawling over broken glass to find out your secret….

Because real beasts eat plants.

Further more, you can show off your “secret” with Gorilla Freak Gym vests that are:

  • Premium muscle fit. Suitable for high carb gainz.
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Nonrestrictive design
  • Keeps you cool in the gym

These stringer vests with a simple centre logo take a SERIOUS beating in the gym.

You’re in danger of chucking future gym gear in the bin if you don’t check these out.


90% Polyester

10% Elastane


M – 40

L – 42

XL – 46

2XL – 48



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